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A club-boutique concept designed by the architecture studio BASIC factory (author of projects such as the Starlite festival in Marbella in 2014, Oh Myclub Madrid nightclub or apothecary boutique restaurant Marbella by Olivia Valere among others), with a commitment to uniqueness, technological innovation and aesthetic warmth, in order to generate an exclusive atmosphere and personality within the nightlife of the capital.

CARO CLUB, 850m2 located in an unbeatable enclave of Madrid (Plaza Colon, next to the wax museum), a duality of spaces with interaction environments through a gallery, a vertical connection between the earthly world and cosmos/sky of 750m2 and 250m2 of surface on 2 floors with independent access each of them.

A journey through the senses, where interaction through augmented reality, digital lighting, surround sound and props at the foot of the club connect you with EXPENSIVE, and where triangulation is its hallmark element that extends through all its spaces on the lower ground floor (floor, walls and ceilings, bars…), along with the organic and curved elements and surfaces in its environment on the upper floor (sky/cosmos).